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From the perspective of several investment banks, it is mainly caused by the comprehensive reform of vehicle insurance. After the reform, the averHow to make money fast no one's skyage vehicle premium decreased, and the overall premium income of vehicle insurance business decreased.

On the other hand, the balance sheet is less than the net liabilities.

Last week (August 3 to August 7), Shanghai and Shenzhen stock index surged higher after the shock increased, especially with some strong stocks falling back in the early stage, market divergence increased significantly.

Especially in recent years, when the capital market fluctuated sharply, the insurance fund has been kept in a state of net purchase, which has effectively maintained the stability of the capital market.

In practice, we should continue to solve different problems creatively.

We will continue to improve the basic system of the capital market, and guide financial management, How to make money fast no one's skytrust and insurance to increase long-term stable funds for the capital market.

Financing products dominated, but the scale accounted for a slight decline compared with the previous quarter.

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