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Friends who want to use the octopus input method to make money by typing, the first thing you have to do is to click the above link, first download and install the octopus input method software, after downloading and installing, you still get inside Register an account, but remember to set the octopus input method as the default input method before registering an account, soMake money online for free legally that every time you use any software to type, you will automatically use the octopus input method to type, so you don’t need to set it Yes, this will be a lot more convenient. Then go to register for an account. After registering, remember to fill in the invitation code, which is the invitation code I gave you above. You can just fill in it.

The first two have some thresholds, and only those who have the conditions can earn money, so the next one is for ordinary people, a low-threshold earning method! The first thing to bear is to make money websites. For example, Happy Earnings is one of the earliest websites to go online. The main business project is to try games to make money. There are also some tasks and promotion projects to make money. The advantage is that it is very fast to get started, because the project is not difficult, so ordinary people can also make money on it!

For excellent original authors, Qu Toutiao’s rewards are not stingy, not soft, and the rewards are very generous. Therefore, for talented people, I highly recommend that you make money by making original content on Qu Toutiao through your own talents.

Is online part-time job credible? The answer is yes, but when you choose various ways to make money online, you must also identify various online money-making scams, such as the so-called regular online part-time typist and online part-time job to brush reputation Wait for the scam. To choose a method of making money online, you must choose a regular online money making project.

Making money from trial games is free and relatively simple. It's just that the rewards of game trials are not much, which requires us to do more and see more. As long as you are efficient, work 2-3 hours a day and earn 50 yuan a day, there is no problem! I believe people usually work more than 2-3 hours. If you work longer, you will naturally get paid more. Personally, I think this is more cost-effective than going to construction sites and some shopping malls. Because you can complete it at home, you can save on car fees, meals, etc. Not so tired. It just requires some patience and persistence. The most important thing is that everyone can apply for cash withdrawal on the same day, usually within 24 hours, which is very convenient and there is no need to worry about their wages being withheld or defaulted.

What are the latest online money-making projects? To know how to make money, you must do what you are good at and do projects that you have resources for. For example, there is a marine market near us, some people are good at bargaining, so he went to those who come here to wholesale marine products to help them bargain. The buyer gives him a reserve price. As long as he can help the buyer to see the price, he will get a 70% rake on the excess part! As far as I know, the buyer who negotiates the price here earns 5000 per month It's normal! The most important thing is that most hackers make money part-time. They only come out to do business when there is a marine market. Of course, some are also full-time, and even opened the door because you are famous for bargaining, so it is easy for the goods dealers to introMake money online for free legallyduce customers to each other and earn 20,000-30,000 a month.

Wisdom Crystal is a software that gives points for answering questions, mainly for some allusions. At present, there are quite a lot of points on the market for answering questions. In fact, in the end, it is similar to the form of zero-lug tokens. Of course, the most important thing for such projects is various You charge money to buy coins for routines, so if it crashes, many people's capital will be ensnared in the end. Relying on the underlying technology of the blockchain, an app that can make money by answering questions is known as 0 threshold and 0 investment. You only need to answer three questions every day to get rewards. The questions are simple enough to make you doubt your life and more likely to earn monthly Over ten thousand, can you still believe it in the future?

With the development of network information technology, a way to make money through the Internet without leaving home has emerged in the entire Greater China region. There are countless types of CDC earning today. What everyone is most familiar with now is that the anchors of major live broadcast platforms can be regarded as a kind of online earning forum. There are also overseas Chinese who use the video recording to contact the anchors who cooperate with the manufacturers. We have a mixed business. These overseas Chinese purchasing agents are all CDC earns. Why not fruit is an online earning project. Because now as long as there are areas with Chinese people. There is a way to make money online. So here it is called CDC earning. Many of them are also made by technology CDC. For example, write some articles on some online earning platforms. Now there are some platforms that provide online earning such as part-time food delivery, running errands and express delivery. Some companies that need technology will also find someone to complete some software testing on the Internet. Of course, there are relatively early Taobao brush credibility. Of course, this is a very bad and irregular behavior and there are many fake recruitment information to cheat money. But it cannot be denied that this is indeed a way to make money online. The most famous Alipay is the most typical representative of making money online. It has now been listed to better reflect the theme of CDC. In the early days, Internet writers are also a kind of online earning. Many well-known big writers started writing novels on the Internet and were discovered by others. They became small and famous, and finally became popular. Therefore, online earning is a manifestation of social development. Many young mothers can earn some pocket money while taking care of their children at home. College students can also work part-time, and make money online more flexible than part-time jobs in physical stores.

Can you make money by playing games? You read it right, trust your eyes, this is the game demo experience station, here [Game Trial] There are dozens of games that can make money every day, play according to the game requirements, such as upgrading the game account or accumulating how much time to reach If the task is required, you can get a reward of fun coins, 10,000 fun coins = 1 yuan, and fun coins can be directly exchanged for RMB cash withdrawal, and settlements can be applied for at least 30,000 fun coins (ie 3 yuan). After the withdrawal application is approved, under normal circumstances You can receive the money in about 2 hours, and the payment speed is lightning fast. It is guaranteed to be the most reliable project to make money at home in 2017.

Watching news to make money can be said to be a very good way to make money, and many people are using the corresponding software to watch news to make money. It can be said that watching the news to make money does not take much time for everyone. You only need to move your fingers to open some news to watch. At first glance, it is enough to reach his time limit, so that you can make money while watching the news. Think about it, everyone, don't you usually spend time watching news to make money? Now it’s just changing a platform to watch the news and make money. Before, there was no money to make money, but now you can make money while watching the news.

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